June 4, 2022

Driving on a Suspended License

In Virginia, you can get pulled over and charged with driving on a suspended or revoked license for multiple reasons. Including:

  1. A court order suspension
  2. Revoked license for driving under the influence
  3. Suspension for DMV points, unpaid fines, or court costs
  4. Suspension for lack of automobile insurance
  5. Suspension for failure to pay child support

The reason for your license suspension can have a huge effect on your consequences if charged with driving with a suspended license.

Normally driving on a suspended or revoked license results in a Class 1 misdemeanor charged. However, there are times when a driver can be charged with a felony.

  • Class 1 misdemeanor – You face up to one year in jail with a fine of up to $2,500.
  • Class 6 felony – You could have a prison sentence of 1 to 5 years, with a possible fine of up to $2,500.

You should know that if you are convicted of driving with a suspended license, the court is required to impose another additional period of suspension for the same period of suspension you were already serving.

If convicted of driving with a suspended or revoked license you should expect demerit points to be added to your record. See the following:

Demerit Points

Driving in violation of restricted license – restrictions related to physical limitations (3 years) 3 points
Driving on suspended license (11 years) 6 points
Driving while your license is suspended or revoked (11 years) 6 points
Driving under suspension or revocation before giving proof of financial responsibility (11 years) 6 points

Restricted License – Consider this Option

For drivers who have had their license suspended or revoked, consider applying for a restricted license. While this does not fully restore all of your driving privileges, you are allowed to engage in some driving to hand necessities. Including but not limited to driving to and from work or to and from school. However, you should know, if you are driving outside the terms of your restricted license, you can still be charged with driving on a suspended or revoked license.

Virginia Code

46.2-301 Driving while license, permit, or privilege to drive suspended or revoked – § 46.2-301. Driving while license, permit, or privilege to drive suspended or revoked (virginia.gov)
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